Ride 2 Recovery

neuvo megOn March 24, I was able to greet riders who came through my city. I came to thank them but was humbled by their spirit of gratitude. Why thank me, I wondered, I have done nothing. These veterans gave so much and some gave all.
Snapshot 1 (4-22-2014 8-05 AM)Ride to Recovery 4Ride to Recovery dedication

Ride to Recovery Motorcycle guard (1)

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from The Twisted Sisters. May you take this time to reflect on GRACE: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.

May you count your blessings and know how lucky you really are.
Christ with scuba divers memorial in Coz


neuvo megI have a bad–severe–addiction to books. I can’t help it really. It began when I was little and my wonderful sister would read to me. Then I learned to read on my own. Not sure Don understands the ‘need’ to have those paper things when I could have a computer full of them. Or when I try to cram another book on fish into the shelf, four fall.
I have children’s books–some from when I was small, a lot of classics, and some new classics I picked up on recommendation from my friend. One day, I will have a grandchild to read to.
I have my friends’ books, my books, all types of fiction genres, self-help books, how-to-books, audio books, e-books, e-books that will switch to audio where I leave off reading. I have so many books that the book shelves in the living room, guest room (because you never know what your guest might want to read if they don’t like television!) are sagging. I have books in totes, two of which belong to the Twisted Princess.
I know I should probably be ashamed, but I’m not.

Another Check Mark

neuvo megSaturday my friend, LND, and I participated in a 5K here in Rockdale. I had no clue when she suggested it we would do more than leisurely stroll along the country club cart path. No, we had a time to beat! As her handsome son, who came back for us after running!, we had to come in under our age. I hadn’t quite trained for that.
Brian-Linda-Meg our number 97-98-99
This was no ordinary 5K, it was a glow run. LND bought us glow bracelets, I provided butterfly glow wands. As we fast walked the course, we passed black lights. Our t-shirts, our hair, our shoes were all aglow.
Linda & Brian at the start
More than just finishing, I learned a few things. I was waaaaayyyy out of shape. In my poor attempt to match my shirt, my shoes left a huge blister on my right foot. My previously semi-torn left ACL must have healed some as it didn’t hurt while walking–just swelled a bunch. Having a buddy pushes me. I had a blast and came in at 51:59–do I get to subtract that we started at the back of the pack at :27?
Linda-Meg Finished!!!
And just because you carry a camera in your back pocket doesn’t mean you’re going to have time to stop and take pictures!

We are doing The Color Run in Austin on May 24! Come join our team! It will be an adventure!!


On my trip last weekend, I took a few pictures of the wildflowers. Have a wonderful Sunday.
Blue & Pink bonnets at WSWhite Prickly Poppywildflowerswine cup!Claret Cup Cactus flower.
Maroon Bluebonnets

Working Through My Bucket List

neuvo megWhether you call it a ‘bucket’ list or things you want to do before you can’t, I am determined to check off as many as I can. This past Saturday, my girlfriend, LND, and I went on a photo safari and hiked. I’ve wanted to visit Enchanted Rock since I was little. The park and surrounding areas are steeped in Indian lore. I was hoping to catch a little magic but what I found was that I’m still a tough determined woman. And so is LND!
Some of the pictures are LND’s and some are mine, more will follow in later blogs.
A bit of background for those not familiar with Enchanted Rock. It is a part of a batholith–a gigantic lump of magma. The elevation is 1825 feet. The Summit Trail is .6 of a mile–yeah, right!–and climbs 425 feet. Straight up, or so it seemed to me.

The Start--LND

The Start–LND

Almost at the top--LND

Almost at the top–LND

At The Top!!!

At The Top!!!

Game of Thrones

neuvo megI have my daughter to thank–once again!–for getting me hooked on yet another series. Oh, she starts innocently enough by giving me the first book on CD. Then she put on the first season when I visited. Now I’m caught up with the TV series.
I’m sure there are lots of people who watch, but I don’t think they’re as obsessed as I am. On a recent photo weekend I started looking for the faces in the trees.
Stunted trees on ER editOak tree


neuvo megToday will be hard for me as I remember my father who left this world on this date, and our beautiful Casey who died last Friday morning. I’ve always felt lucky to be so grounded in my faith that I know Death isn’t the final end. We will miss our loved ones who have gone on–no denying that one.
There is a peace that passes all understanding that is given. I know that Daddy and Casey have that, as I do.
Don and I ask that you say a prayer for us, that you hug your children and your parents. Let your loved ones know now how special they are.
Spring is a time of renewal and life and love.
Daddy 1987



neuvo megIt has been one year today that Don and I purchased The Bluff. The changes that a year can bring are amazing. We’ve been blessed beyond measure, and are grateful. The work to create our own place hasn’t always been easy, or fun. The land has blossomed as wildflowers are dotting the green carpet. I will be taking pictures.
I’ve also made changes, we are NOT going to be discussing weight and no pictures of me right now. I’ve learned to stop for a few minutes to really enjoy what is around me. Maybe it is the sound of the water flowing over the rocks that can be heard from The Point 100 feet up. The uncountable number of cardinals that land in the trees so the limbs look as if I’ve hung red ornaments. The buzzards that play in the thermals over the river.
I’ve changed the way I view life. Having Don home with me is everything I hoped it would be and more. Oh, I still want to slap stupid people, or selfish, or bigoted, or _____ (you can fill in the blank.) Now I’m a bit more vocal because I’ve earned the right, and I have gray hairs. :-)
My last bit of changing has been to this wonderful house. It took me a year to officially open my office in the upstairs part of the house. I’ve got the bare bones of the frame to build out. Kinda like writing a story. Not sure where or how it will go, or be decorated, or the time it will take me. Still exciting all the same. I’m glad to be writing a bit again, glad to be working with my hands, and exercising again.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

neuvo megTwisted Sister Dale always sends me a St Patrick’s Day card, complete with little plastic shamrocks. She doesn’t know how much I look forward to what she has handwritten or finding those shamrocks days, weeks, months later from where those little buggers flew when I opened her card! (Probably should move the furniture more often but there are so many more wonderful things to do than that!)
Don and I started doing a ‘traditional’ St Patrick’s Day dinner–corned beef, cabbage, Irish soda bread and Guinness. Irish coffee may be on the menu too if I can find my Irish whiskey.
Do you do anything special for today?
Sham Rocking Rocky