NI was watching an episode of Monk a few days ago — the old show about the seriously compulsive and anxious police consultant in San Francisco — and someone said to the odd man, “It must be nice always being right.” Monk gave him an anxious look and said something along the lines of, “Not so much as you’d think.”

So true. You see, I’m one of those poor unfortunates who are always right. Actually, that’s not the part of it that’s not so much as you’d think. It’s how many people refuse to recognize and/or admit it.

I’m a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’m also a firm believer that anyone whose opinion doesn’t match mine is wrong.

My husband and our son fall into that wrong category. They’re both intelligent men, so you’d think after thirty-plus years together, they would have arrived at that conclusion and stopped arguing with me. Sadly, that hasn’t happened.

Sigh . . . well, guess it’s a burden I’ll continue to bear.

(:?)  That to the left is my tongue in my cheek.




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USA Today best-selling author and pupper mom. A Hero to Come Home To, June; Copper Lake Encounter, August; A Christmas to Remember, December; A Man to Hold on To, February 2014.

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  1. nanadeb57 says:

    Sarcasm becomes you and is only slightly more fun than your sense of humor.

    :-@ (This to the left is the Church Lady’s face)

  2. Do you need me to have a talk with your guys? The Queen is ALWAYS right!

    • Marilyn says:

      They could both use a good smacking, Jackie. I’d be most appreciative . . .

      The little one happily admits that Grandma is the boss of EVERYONE. I’ve got to keep him on that track. But his daddy and granddaddy . . .

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