neuvo megHappy Anniversary, Don.
The years have flown by, although when times were rough they crawled. Like the seasons during a year, our marriage has evolved. From the Cinderella lies that filled my head during the teen years, I learned there is no HEA–after I said, “I do.” Graduating from the school of hard knocks with diploma in bruised heart, there is no sunshine minor, I learned to be guarded with those who came into my life.
Don & Me 11.21.98
When we decided to join our lives together (and kids) I was filled with a nauseous trepidation and wide-eyed determination. I saw something special in you. You let me know everyday that I’m special.

I have grown so much as a person because of you. You have made me strong. I have experienced a life I never would have known without you. From learning to be an excellent shot to racing a dirt track car to adventuring in foreign countries. You’ve given me the confidence I lacked.

Each day with you is different and wonderful because of the surprises you bring me. God brought us together and has blessed us beyond measure.

Happy Anniversary!

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    awe Love this!

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