Happy St. Patrick’s Day

neuvo megTwisted Sister Dale always sends me a St Patrick’s Day card, complete with little plastic shamrocks. She doesn’t know how much I look forward to what she has handwritten or finding those shamrocks days, weeks, months later from where those little buggers flew when I opened her card! (Probably should move the furniture more often but there are so many more wonderful things to do than that!)
Don and I started doing a ‘traditional’ St Patrick’s Day dinner–corned beef, cabbage, Irish soda bread and Guinness. Irish coffee may be on the menu too if I can find my Irish whiskey.
Do you do anything special for today?
Sham Rocking Rocky

The Bluff Update

neuvo megI was going to title this From The Other Side. . .Saturday was warm, the river was so beautiful and I just didn’t feel like cutting more brush. With some urging from Don, I went for a stroll through the brush down to the river.
Warm–brush–briers–wood debris = in my mind, snakes. I did proceed with caution wishing I had packed a pistol, or the machete, both, and a bottle of water. There were no snakes, whew!, but I did find the skeleton of a hybrid creature of raccoon and opossum.
Finally making it to the river, I had more surprises. The sand wasn’t stable and my shoes weren’t tied tight enough. Socks can wash. A small raccoon trail skirted the water’s edge. So neat to see where the critters had left prints in the mud and the still part of the river.
My exploration led around the bend where I picked up trash with no thought how I would haul it back up. I loved being so close to the rocks and the different strata in the cliff. The best discovery of all was in my imagination, I could see the Indians that used this river.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

neuvo megI’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day or the celebration of commercialized holidays. Maybe it stems back to elementary school days where I wasn’t the one of the popular kids. My crudely decorated (I’m not artist) shoebox held only a few cards. No sympathy because this shaped me–both good and bad.

Having children changed some of my sourness, although I harbored a secret fear that my kids would not get cards. My focus changed to showing them an extra day of love and special treats. I’ve kept all their handmade cards to me.

In the fifteen Valentine’s Days we’ve celebrated, Don has never forgotten to do something special even though I asked him not to. I have a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on the coffee table. He plans to cook one of my favorite meals – shrimp!

I’m happy for others who get the special gifts or fancy dinners for this one day. I’ve been blessed with family and friends who show every day that I’m special.

For this Valentine’s Day, I send special prayers to those who may be alone, or worse feel as if they are all alone–God Bless Them!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

Valentine's Day 2014

Happy Birthday, Don!

neuvo meg
Today is Don’s birthday! He has all those “wonderful” attributes that are found on mushy greeting cards. Romantic, tender-hearted, loyal, hard-working, loving, adventurous, twisted. Don in Coz

I’m amazed that he survived childhood. He tested his parents’ patience to the max. I thank his mother every year for raising a fine son even though he pulled horrible stunts. If that willow tree we planted upside down could talk about all the switches it provided. :-)
Don at 3~

Happy Birthday, My Love! These are the best times of our lives.
Don & Me 11.21.98

I’m Blessed

neuvo megToday is my father’s birthdate. He would have been 95. I’m so lucky to have had a wonderful father.
Happy Birthday, Daddy!


I Would Marry You Again

neuvo megHappy Anniversary, Don.
The years have flown by, although when times were rough they crawled. Like the seasons during a year, our marriage has evolved. From the Cinderella lies that filled my head during the teen years, I learned there is no HEA–after I said, “I do.” Graduating from the school of hard knocks with diploma in bruised heart, there is no sunshine minor, I learned to be guarded with those who came into my life.
Don & Me 11.21.98
When we decided to join our lives together (and kids) I was filled with a nauseous trepidation and wide-eyed determination. I saw something special in you. You let me know everyday that I’m special.

I have grown so much as a person because of you. You have made me strong. I have experienced a life I never would have known without you. From learning to be an excellent shot to racing a dirt track car to adventuring in foreign countries. You’ve given me the confidence I lacked.

Each day with you is different and wonderful because of the surprises you bring me. God brought us together and has blessed us beyond measure.

Happy Anniversary!

Look! Up in the sky!

Yesterday we posted this picture of Bob back in the day doing SPIE Rigging with 4th Force Recon. That photo doesn’t show a lot, though I think you get the idea that it was fun.

Bob, on left.

Bob, on left.

SPIE stands for Special Patrol Insertion and Extraction. It’s used for getting people in and out of areas where helicopters can’t land, with the troops rigged to this super-heavy-duty line, where they dangle until they’re inserted on the ground. When they’re extracted, the helo flies to a safe landing zone and then takes them on board.

Here’s the view from below:

SPIE - 2

He got to do all sorts of cool stuff in the Navy — skydive, scuba dive, go to sea on big ships, fly in all kind of aircraft, shoot neat guns, etc.

All *I* ever wanted to do was drive a tank. Every time we were onboard Camp Lejeune and we passed the “tank crossing” signs, I really wanted to take one of those babies for a spin. You think the idiot drivers wouldn’t get out of my way then? Tick me off in a tank, and I will drive over you. I will leave you flattened on the road, and depending on what you did to tick me off in the first place, I might even fire my big guns at you.


Maybe that explains why the Marine Corps wouldn’t give me the keys.






Sometimes Insects Bug Me

neuvo megThis weekend was full of those little biting buggers! I think the high water has driven them crazy, or I’m just a delicious person. The Bluff has been inundated by giant mosquitos–after they take their fill, they’re too heavy to fly. Don stepped on one and a quarter size pool of blood appeared.

On Saturday, I was bitten by the same scorpion twice! That’s what happens when I don’t thoroughly! shake out my work shirt. Should have visually checked out the sleeves. Very strange to feel the poison go through my arm. I’m not wanting to repeat it.

Sunday as Don and I were removing an antique seeder from our neighbors pasture, I was stung on the wrist by an angry yellow jacket. I was angry too and I’m bigger and meaner. Smashed that sucker between my gloved fingers. What was not so funny, I was stung in the tiny bit of exposed skin between my gloves and shirt. I’m happy to report that none of those jackets lived. There were no more nests, nor snakes.

After Don got home with the antique tandem plow out of the same pasture, I was going through the loose disks and got stung by fire ants. Same arm just above the yellow jacket sting and below the scorpion stings.

Yeah, this weekend was a real bugger!

Still A Lot to Learn

neuvo megAs I posted earlier, I went diving last weekend where I thought I would be assessing new students. I had a fall of my own and what a eye-opener it was for me. The incident is still fresh in my memory, and I would have bet I never would have had a panic moment. I’m lucky that I wasn’t that deep where I could have been permanently injured–only my pride.

I learned a lot about me. My limitations. My stressors. My desire to overtask. Whether I want to admit it or not, I’m not superwoman.

I hope the next time I dive, I will be able to repeat the task until I get it right. I will learn to buddy breathe off one regulator correctly as I exchange gear. I will learn to control my fear. I will not panic.

If you can breathe, you can think.

Happy Birthday to The Queen!

Today is a special day for the Twisted Sisters! It is Marilyn’s birthday. She’s changed so many lives, including mine.

Happy Birthday, Marilyn! You are the queen of everything!