Meeting up at the Houston Airport

Twisted Sisters going island

Never know who you'll run into


Funky growths on the courtyard bamboo.


Bob's "salamandrrrra." Or "lee-zard."


Marilyn & the Mariachis

Coconut palms on the hotel grounds. Did we mention they made the absolute best coconut ice cream ever??


The courtyard outside our rooms. We could hear the fountain at night. So soothing!


The garden in the hotel's circle drive.


The common mode of transportation on the island. The drivers are crazy reckless, but we didn't see any accidents! It's like a schizo ballet: cars, scooters and bikes separated by mere inches and making it!Altars honoring parents--Day of the Dead


Thatched roofs everywhere. Perfect look against the water!Flower vendor at the market


The Silver Man

Towel art in our room. Some of the creations were amazing! Hey, I do good to fold a towel before tossing it into the linen closet.


More towel art.


Towel Shark

Bird of paradise growing on the grounds.

Iguana at Casa Del MarSunrise the last day

Our last picture at Casa Del Mar

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