Fairy cave (otherwise known as a cypress knee)

Mama-to-be deer (or "Do these leaves make me look fat?")

Lost Creek (or River)

Meg in front of Lost River (or Creek)

Our die-hard Texan in front of a curious sign

Meg and a totem at the forestry museum

Marilyn and her new best friend at the forestry museum

We saw so many gorgeous deer!
The living room, with all our muse stuff

Meg at Broken Bow Lake (think she likes Texas??)

Marilyn, on a cold and windy day (otherwise, my hair would've looked better)

Meg taking pictures

Our cozy fire to chase away the chill

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  1. marilyn says:

    The other cypress knee looked more like a gnome face, but I got tired of resizing pictures and didn’t get it.

    We get that clam shell/lichen growing around some of the stumps here in the yard. I’ve taken a few pictures, but never was happy enough to keep them. Show me yours, please.

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