Coming in 2010:
Protector’s Temptation
Silhouette Romantic Suspense
September 2010
Lieutenant AJ Decker and a blast from his past!
Read an excerpt. 

Open Season in Covert Christmas anthology
Silhouette Romantic Suspense
October 2010
Featuring Joe Saldana’s twin brother, Josh, and Natalia.

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Still available:
Criminal  Deception from Silhouette Romantic Suspense.
After being the target of a mob hit intended for his twin brother, Joe Saldana had settled in to his trauma-free life in Copper Lake. But when his brother’s girlfriend, Liz Dalton, entered the coffee shop looking for his twin, Joe found his new life suddenly unraveling. The threat still existed–and so did the white-hot attraction between Joe and Liz.

A U.S. Marshal, Liz had taken precautions to ensure her pretend boyfriend’s safety. Now that he had escaped protective custody, she had to find him and bring him in to testify. She didn’t count on needing Joe’s help, on deceiving him yet again. She could only count on wanting him despite all the reasons she shouldn’t….

Passion to Die For, SRS
“I wish to God you were dead.” Little did Ellie Chase know those would be the last words she ever spoke to her estranged mother. When Martha’s body was found the next morning, all eyes were on Ellie… who couldn’t remember what she’d done that night. So when Tommy Maricci—the man she refused to let herself love— came to her rescue, she couldn’t say no.

Tommy believed in his former girlfriend’s innocence—no matter how damning the evidence against her was. She may have broken his heart, but he took her into his home for protection. Because if Ellie wasn’t the killer, someone had set her up. And Tommy refused to let anyone hurt the woman he loved.

Scandal in Copper Lake, SRS
Robbie Calloway and Anamaria Duquesne’s story
Click here for an excerpt from Scandal in Copper Lake.

Click here to read the start of Passion to Die For.


Scandal in Copper Lake

Silhouette Romantic Suspense
February 2009

No one believed Anamaria Duquesne when she had premonitions of her mother’s death. Now, years later, the town pariah has returned to Copper Lake to unearth what transpired on that fateful night. Although she has the gift of foresight, she didn’t predict falling under the tantalizing spell of a rich playboy who’s been hired to spy on her.

Robbie Calloway scoffed at Anamaria’s psychic mumbo jumbo about an unsolved murder and eerie family curses. But before long, the prominent attorney was entrenched in her crusade. With danger swirling around them, could they overcome incredible odds to be together?

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  1. mjpappano says:

    SCANDAL IN COPPER LAKE is book 4 in the Calloway Brothers/Copper Lake series, though I have it on good authority of the readers that each of them stands completely on their own.

    Coming next is PASSION TO DIE FOR, due out this fall. It’s the story of Tommy Maricci and Ellie Chase, and it was great fun writing. Soon as I get the necessary info to my web designer so she can put my site up, I’ll link to more info on that.

    Coming before, in order:
    ONE STORMY NIGHT (second brother Mitch down in Mississippi)
    FORBIDDEN STRANGER (eldest brother Rick — my stripper story!)
    INTIMATE ENEMY (third brother Russ)

    • Ginger says:

      I have read all of the Copper Lake Books and have loved every story. In fact, I just finished Joe and Liz’s story, Criminal Deception. I was just wondering though…. it seems like KiKi Issacs, Copper Lake’s only female detective, is begging for her own story… Will we be seeing that?

      • mjpappano says:

        I appreciate it so much, Ginger. I had a ball with Joe and Liz’s story — and now have the coffee habit to show for it. (Topeca Manzano . . . yummm.)

        KiKi plays a role in the next couple books, but she’s not the heroine. It’s been interesting learning more about her as she gets fleshed out. I always love it when characters surprise me!

        Thanks for stopping by. . . and especially for reading the books!!

      • Katrina Mercer says:

        Hi I have just finished reading Criminal Deception and loved it, I see you have more from Copper Lake is there one with Joe’s brother Josh and what are all the other tittles please. Thanks for the great read. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’ve had a great Christmas day with family and friends. Keep up the great writing.

  2. Dee says:

    Here is a link to the review for Scandal In Copper Lake, online at PNR Reviews:

    Also, your book has been chosen as “PNR Staff Top Pick” for April 2009. The feature can be seen at

    If you would like a graphic to display on your website, contact me at

    Take care,
    PNR Reviews & Features Editor

  3. mjpappano says:

    Thanks a bunch, Dee! I’ll be in touch with you (soon as I get the stuff my designer needs for the new site!!!!!). I’d love to have the graphic.

    I love the review and especially the top pick!! How cool is that?


  4. Sandy Peterson says:

    I love the Copper Lake series. However, it seems we left some stories stranded in the Heartbreak vicinity. I would love to see how Isabella(?) ended up in Heartbreak. Plus Lexi! Does she get her man?

    Sorry, I just can’t let some characters go! I’m still waiting to find out what happened to Josh’s nephew from the Trouble with Josh….

    Keep writing and I’ll keep reading!


    • mjpappano says:

      Thanks a bunch, Sandy! I do keep thinking about Heartbreak — especially Lexi! — and wondering what’s going on there. I fully intend to give her a story — and I’m curious about Isabella, too. She was one of those throwaway characters who was just supposed to do her part, then be forgotten, but it didn’t work that way. I’ll just have to find time to figure out their stories and write them.

      I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Jordan and Michaela from the Tate/Josh books. I played around with trying to find their story for a while, but I think I needed a little distance to let them grow up. I had to do that with Tyler in SOMEBODY’S HERO. He was 14 when he first appeared, and though people kept asking about him, all I could think was “he’s a baby.” It took him a long time to grow up enough in my mind to have his own story.

      But they’re all in the back of my mind, so who knows?

  5. Claudia says:

    Hi Marilyn,

    I just finised reading your Bethlehem serious and I loved it. But i was wondering if you plan to write more. I assume “Small Wonders” was the last one so far. I gotta say that i felt so bad for Cole. Literally i had watery eyes feeling bad for him. haha Well anyway, i would love to see Eli and Sophy but since they’re angels could that work?


    • mjpappano says:

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this!! I don’t check this page very often, so I don’t always see comments here. head2desk.

      I’m glad you liked the Bethlehem books! As of now, Small Wonders is the last one, though I would really love to do a couple more. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to work it out, but if I do, I promise, I’ll be shouting it out here and everywhere else.

      Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

  6. I loved “The Assassin” and “Deep Cover”. Do you plan to write another book in the series?

    • mjpappano says:

      Thanks! There’s a third book — SCORCHED — that came out a couple years ago. Right now that’s the end of that series. (Though I do have an idea that keeps niggling around in my head for a story that involves a pregnant Selena and the stepfather who made her childhood so miserable!)

      Actually, it’s kind of luck that there were three books total, because when I first came up with the idea, it was for one book, period. I was halfway through it when my publisher told me they wanted at least two more. I had to rethink everything about Selena and Tony’s relationship since it was going to last that much longer!

      Thanks for stopping by TS (and sorry to you, too, for my being so slow to respond).

      • serene ang says:

        Hi Marilyn,

        I love your Rachel Butler’s series and am simply loooking forward to hear more about Selena and Tony. Do hope you can write a couple more books on their relationships and adventures.

        Right now I am on the third Bethlehem books and Passion To Die For downloaded from eHarlequin Romanctic Suspense. I enjoy your writing style and the fact that you, unlike most of the popular romance authors, dare to give readers some very sexy and unforgettable interracial romance. It is indeed an interesting change for us as readers from the usual white couples romance. Hope you will come up with more such stories.

        Happy writing !

      • mjpappano says:

        Hi, Serene,

        I’m glad you enjoyed the Rachel books! I don’t have any plans at the moment to write another Selena/Tony book, but I never say never. I do have an idea for the next one, and one day I might find myself in the right frame of mind to do it justice. :-)

        I loved writing Anamaria and Robbie’s story in SCANDAL IN COPPER LAKE, and one of these days, I intend to tell her sister’s story, too.

        Thanks for stopping by TS!

  7. Holly Schneerman says:

    Dear Marilyn,
    I read all of your Bethlehem books. I loved them. I was wondering if you were going to write any more of them. Or if you were going to do another series like that?

    • mjpappano says:

      Hi, Holly,

      I’d love to do Christian Rourke’s story (he owns the Starlite bar) — but it depends on finding both time and a publisher who’s interested in an older series like that. If it happens, I’ll be thrilled.

      Funny that you ask about a similar series . . . just yesterday I started working again on something similar (minus the angels). I first began this project a year or two ago, but it got pushed aside by other books that I was contracted for. Now I’m taking some time to work on it and get it ready to submit. So fingers crossed!

      Thanks for stopping by TS!!

  8. Mariza Rofagha says:

    I have read all of your Bethlehem books. I loved them. I was wondering if you were going to write any more of them. Please do? Don’t leave us all hanging…That series has been the best i have ever read. Thank you!

  9. Paula says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I have all of your books and love them. You are the only writer that I will buy because I know I will love your books and read them over and over. I love the New Orleans books, Copper Lake books and Canyon County books. I would definitely like to see books for Lexy and Isabella. I would also like to see what happened with Jordan and Michaela (Mike) from the Josh/Tate series. The one I am really eager to see is what happens to Tyler’s sister, Rebecca. I want to her to find happiness too!

    • mjpappano says:

      Thanks a bunch, Paula!! I’m honored!

      Sometimes when I’m doing something mindless, like mowing or painting or staring at the clouds, I wonder what Lexi would be as an adult — what career choice she would have made, what direction life would have taken her, how she would have handled the difficult first years of her life before she wound up with Brady and Hallie. I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

      And there are still some people on Serenity Street and in New Orleans that I wonder about, too — especially Martine, from MURPHY’S LAW.

      And Rebecca the runaway bride . . . Years ago when we lived in South Carolina, I knew a woman whose niece was getting married. She commented that “at least I don’t have to go shopping this time.” Turned out that the girl had been engaged three times and made it to the week of the wedding every time before deciding that she didn’t want to get married after all. So her relatives just held onto the same wedding gifts figuring that eventually all they would have to do is change the groom’s name before they gave it. I used that with Rebecca, though she’s got a bigger reason than just a change of heart. I just have to figure out what it is and who’s the right guy to conquer it.

      Thanks much for stopping by!

  10. Shannon Laxton Little says:

    Dear Marilyn,

    I have loved your books since you gave me my first two back in North Carolina. I have almost all of them- there are a few older ones I am trying to track down. I love reading the series- it is wonderful to have familiar faces and see how they interact in each of the books. My favorite book is probably “Safe Haven”. Even though he is a little cranky and grouchy, Deke Ramsey has to be my favorite hero. You really do feel that he would protect you at all costs. Keep writing and if you are ever in NC again, let me know. Would love to hear about how the stories are formed.

    • Marilyn says:

      Hey, Shannon!! Long time! Bob and I were talking about the Navy the other day, and he mentioned your dad. Got me to wondering about all of you. Hope everything’s going well with the family!

      Thanks for the kind words. And it’s so nice to know that Deke made the kind of impression that keeps him fresh in your mind all these years! I adored him, too, though, so I’m glad you do, too!

      If you e-mail me the titles you’re looking for and your address (, I’ll see what I’ve got in my store room. I’d be happy to fill in any missing ones I can.

      Thanks for stopping by here and for sticking with me for so long! It’s awfully good to hear from you!

  11. Serene Ang says:

    Hi Marilyn,

    Love your Copper Lake Series but find it frastrating as the stories end too fast. Is there any chance that you will go mainstream like what you did previously with Bantam Dell on the Bethlehem stories and Rachel Butler Series ? This way, readers will get to read another 100 plus more pages of your wonderful and intense writing and feel closer with your characters. I know a lot of the Silhouette writers like Erica Spindler, Kylie Brant, Linda Castillo, Debra Webb, Leslie Kelly(or Leslie Parrish) etc have ventured in this direction and they are all doing extremely well. Hope you are also able to do so as we love your writing.

    • Marilyn says:

      Thanks a bunch, Serene! I do really miss the longer stories and would like to spend more time with each set of characters, but the darned word count keeps me limited. I hadn’t really considered negotiating with Silhouette to do a Copper Lake book as an HQN, which would give me that longer length; I’ll have to mention it to my agent. Thanks for the thought!

      I’m working on a new series currently — so far only my agent’s seen it — but it’s along the lines of the Bethlehem books without the angels. I love the freedom of not having to try to tell the entire story with a limited word count. Heaven help us, no one would ever accuse me of writing short! ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by — and for the idea! I appreciate it mucho!

      • Serene says:


        Actually I came to know you first as Rachel Butler. I fell in love with Selena McCaffrey’s stories and wanted more (I know a lot of readers like me are STILL HOPING for more of Tony and Selena and that this will be an ongoing series. This unique pair is one of my top favorite couples). I was truly delighted to discover that you have also authored as Marilyn Pappano & subsequently started reading your Bethlehem and Copper Lake Series. To be honest, I hardly read Silhouette Books as I find the story way too short for my liking……but I simply love your writing, be it contemporary romance or romantic suspense. I like the fact that you dare to be different and original to make your books worth the wait and worth the price (nothing beats a kick-ass heroine/sexy cop thriller or a smoking hot bw/wm interracial romance). Increasing the word count will definately allow an author the freedom to build more in depth the relationship between the hero and heroine and readers to get more connected with the characters. Will definately look forward to your more lengthy story as this means more chemistry, more action and intrigue and a fully-developed romance. Take care & all the best !

      • Marilyn says:

        Oh, Tony and Selena are still two of my own favorite characters. That idea actually started out as a Silhouette, but my editor at the time thought it pushed the envelope a little too much, so my agent sent it to the deputy publisher at Bantam, where I’d been writing the Bethlehem books, and they bought it ASAP. It was their idea to make it a series, so I had to rethink the first book a bit. But I loved all the characters a bunch. I’ve still got a few ideas floating in my brain about Tony and Selena, so who knows? Maybe someday . . . ;-)

  12. Carolyn Davis says:

    I have read quite a few of your books. I keep most of them to reread. I really loved Robbie and Annamarie ‘s story . As I do like bw/wm stories. I was elated that you told that story so well. Did you decide to make Robbie more human, since he was such an ass in Ricks story. And will you venture into bw/wm stories again. I look forward to more good reads from you.

  13. nanadeb57 says:

    Any chance of Kylie’s story in the Heartbreak Series? I keep hoping for closure on Kylie and possibly Lexy (daughter of Brady and Hallie). I feel like I know these people – how weird is that? Also, is there somewhere that lists the order for the other series. I like to get everyone’s story sequentially.

    Thanks, Nanadeb57

  14. Edna Castillo says:

    Is Tommy ever going to have closure about his mother. I
    keep a long lost brother or sister would make interesting twist

    • mjpappano says:

      Oh, Edna, I’d thought about having her come back to Copper Lake at some point, but I hadn’t considered having a sibling show up to rock Tommy’s world! Thank you! I’ll let that simmer in the back of my mind for a future book. Fun!

  15. Erin Pepperman says:

    I have been a huge fan of yours for a long time! Thank you for such WONDERFUL stories. I am curious about the Heartbreak Canyon series. So many interesting characters were introduced, especially in the later books that I am so curious about. Like the last Madison sister Kylie, the deputies, the new nurse practitioner Callie and even Lexie Marshall. I love this series and was wondering if there will be more? Thank you!
    ~Erin Pepperman~

  16. Wendy Theisen says:

    Hi Marilyn, I have been a fan of your stories since way before there were e-readers! And in search of something good to read on my Kindle I found you and your Tallgrass series, Hurrah! I can hardly wait to read the next one. Thank you for writing such wonderful books that always leave me feeling uplifted and never wanting them to end! Sincerely, Wendy

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